Juniors U13 – U18’s

JUNIOR U13 – U18 (Boys and Girls)

Teams from U13 and up are considered junior teams. The Peninsula Strikers Junior Football Club is part of the Southern Region of Football Federation Victoria (FFV). The FFV arrange fixtures for all junior games. Players of all abilities are welcome as the competition is a graded one and team assignments are made based on experience and skill levels. Season fixtures including location of games, names of opposing clubs, and league ladders for our junior teams can be found by clicking on the Fixtures/Results button on our home page.

For more information, please see our Program FAQ’s below.

If you would like to speak to someone about our program, please contact our junior boys or Girls coordinator.

Peninsula Strikers Junior Soccer Club, Junior Program FAQ’s

Question: When will the season start? When and where are the games played? How long does the season last?

  • Games are played on Sundays. The season begins just after Easter (normally) in April or May. The duration of the season depends on the number of teams entered in each age group but generally the last game is around the first Sunday in September, with breaks during the middle week of school holidays.
  • Half of the games are home games and half are away games. Kick-off times are fixed by Football Federation Victoria depending on age.
    • U13 games are at 11:20;
    • U14 games are at 12:30;
    • U15 games are at 1:45;
    • U16 and U18/20 games are generally at 3:15.
  • Our home games are played at Ballam Park , Cranbourne Rd , Frankston

Question: How long do the games last?

  • The duration of games is based on your age group.
    • U13’s play 2 × 25 minutes halves;
    • U/14’s play 2 × 30 minute halves;
    • U/15’s play 2 × 35 halves;
    • U/16’s play 2 × 40 minute halves; and
    • U18’s/20’s play 2 × 45 minute halves.

Question: What age group does my child fall into?

  • Age groups are calculated by calendar year. What this means is that if a player turns 13 at any time during the calendar year (even after the season ends), he is an under 13 player.

Question: How do I register? How much will it cost?

  • Fees are based on age due to higher FFV and referee costs for older players. Please visit our registrations page for this year’s fees and registration information.
  • Discounts for families are available.

Question: What do I need to play?

  • All players are required to wear soccer boots and shin pads both to training and during games. All players should also bring a water bottle to both training and games.
  • Peninsula Strikers Junior Soccer Club official playing shirt, shorts and socks must be worn. Shorts and Socks can be purchased from the club, shirts are supplied.

Question: How will I be assigned to a team?

  • As the FFV competition from U12’s and older is a graded competition, depending on player numbers our club will be creating an “A” team from the pool of available players in any age group. Grading sessions are held throughout pre-season for boys and girls in any age group prior to team assignments. Final team assignments will be made as soon as possible following the registration deadline. You will be contacted by your team manager or coach regarding your team assignment and training time.
  • Consideration will be given to friendship groups when making team assignments for boys who are on teams other than “A” teams. To get coaches in all of our teams, coaches children are also given special consideration.
  • Please visit our Club Policies more information about our grading and team assignment guidelines.

Question: When and where does training occur?

  • Generally, each team has 1 or 2  weekly training session of approximately 1 1/2 hours duration. It is up to the coach to determine which day of the week that is best suited to his schedule. If there is a day on which you cannot train, please indicate this on your registration form.
  • Training is usually conducted at either Ballam Park or Delacombe Park.